Oxygen Jet Peel Treatment – Boost your Hair Growth

Hair is a vital identity of an individual’s desirability, style and personal confidence. The length, texture, thickness and color of your hair create a major impact on your physical appearance. However, hair loss problem can create a source of trauma and reduces one’s self-confidence.

Seeing losing your hair in the mirror day-by-day can be heartbreaking. Normally hair loss occurs gradually with age, but if it occurs suddenly, or happens in random patches, it is time to look for the best hair fall treatment and regain your self-confidence.

What causes Hair Loss?

When dealing with hair loss problem, many factors come into play including stress, genetics, medications, hormonal imbalance, ageing, and vitamin deficiency. These conditions can cause reduced blood flow to the scalp, clogged hair follicles, and accumulation of dead skin cells, leading to breakage, hair loss and thinning hair.

Oxygen Jet Peel – the groundbreaking hair fall treatment

Be it hereditary or temporary, hair loss has become a common devastating condition among both men and women of all ages. Sudden hair fall or permanent hair loss problem can be a sign of underlying medical conditions. Fortunately, there are many hair fall treatments available that helps to restore your former identity, improve scalp health and hair regrowth.

Oxygen jet peel is one such effective treatment that is not just safe, pain-free and non-invasive but also targets the root cause of hair loss problem. Additionally, its results are long-lasting and can be easily maintained with periodic touch-ups. This hair loss procedure utilizes a specialized hand piece that emits a high-pressure stream of both oxygen and saline to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the scalp.

Furthermore, the solution is infused with minerals and vitamins that aids to endorse hair regrowth, nourish the scalp, enhance blood circulation to the scalp, boost the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles.

This hair fall treatment has several benefits including:

Exfoliation: When oxygen and saline solutions are injected into high pressure, it aids to improve skin texture, and reduce thinning hair.

Cleansing: This procedure assists to eliminate excess dirt, oil and debris from the scalp, thus enhancing a healthy environment for hair regrowth.

Hydration: The saline solution that is used in this hair fall treatment helps in reducing flakiness and dryness, hydrating the scalp, these factors plays a major contributing role in hair loss.

Take your first step today to achieve a full head of hair and a healthier scalp. Book a consultation with us today and regain your self-confidence and a fuller hair.

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