Oxygen Jet Peel & Micro Needling – The Best Solution for Hair fall and Dandruff

Nowadays, dandruff and hair fall problems are commonly faced conditions in most people. There are many medications, treatments, and medicated shampoos available in the market to treat this problem. When standard scalp and hair treatments are not showing the results you desire, Oxygen Jet Peel and Micro Needling – the hair fall best solutions come in to restore your crown of glory with thick, healthy hair.

What is Oxygen Jet Peel?

Oxygen jet peel is an advanced technology with a simple principle. Here, it uses jet technology which infuses a powerful stream of sterile saline and 100% oxygen into the skin, leaving it exfoliated, hydrated, and rejuvenated. The jet is known to deliver nutrients, moisture, platelet-rich plasma, and vitamins into your skin and scalp without touching its surface. Oxygen jet peel is one of the most effective solutions to combat dry scalp, dandruff, and hair fall problems. This treatment helps in increasing oxygen flow which makes the scalp to get access to more nutrients; this, in turn, will improve the overall wellness of hair follicles. As a result, you will get thicker and healthier hair.

For the hair to be grown stronger, blood needs to be circulated properly in the scalp cells to provide the required strength to the follicles. With micro needling and oxygen jet peel, blood circulation to the scalp is improved which ensures reduction of hair fall problem and removal of any infections. Further, coloring the hair repeatedly can cause the hair shaft to become brittle and dry. Dry, wiry hair is prone to breakage and hair loss problems of the strands. At this moment, oxygen jet peel and micro needling treatment come to the rescue of dry, damaged hair by moisturizing the hair shaft. This can lead to not only a softer and smoother scalp, but also increases the growth of hair follicles, causing no hair fall problem.

What is Micro Needling Treatment?

Micro needling is an aesthetic procedure that uses a tiny micro needling pen to pulse into the skin. These needles create micro punctures on the upper layer of the skin, causing tiny wounds. As a result, the skin goes into repair and restoration mode. That means the tiny wounds trigger the body’s healing process, creating thicker, healthier skin and stimulating elastin and collagen production in the dermis.

A few of its benefits include:

  • Reduces hair fall problem,
  • Stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow,
  • Deep cleans the skin and scalp without causing irritation,
  • Ideal for all hair types,
  • Hydrates and nourishes the scalp,
  • Good for color-treated hair and hair loss problems,
  • Improves hair count and volume,
  • Makes the skin look smoother, firmer, and refreshed,
  • Stimulates hair growth while increasing hair density and thickness,
  • Alleviates irritating dandruff, scalp, and hair fall problems,
  • Nourishes the hair shaft, giving it a softer and silkier look,
  • Oxygenates the skin tissue and exfoliates damaged skin cells, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Halina Cupping Clinic is a state-of-the-art center for healthcare, skincare, and hair loss problems. We are specialized in exceeding patient’s expectations by combining the latest technologies and aesthetic treatments. Further, all our treatments are performed by board-certified and experienced therapists.

If you are suffering from hair fall or hair thinning syndrome, contact us for help. Learn more about our hair fall best solutions by scheduling a consultation today!

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