Have you ever noticed that annoying extra fat underneath your chin when taking a selfie? It is called as a double chin or submental fullness.

Despite our desire for a defined profile, some of us have an accumulation of extra fat beneath the chin and around the neck, resulting in a double chin. If excessive, it can make the face look ‘droopy’. In some extreme cases, there may be no definition between the neck and jawline.

Double chin or submental fullness can make you look heavier and older, no matter what your weight or age is and is considered as a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. In most cases, this stubborn fat doesn’t respond to lifestyle changes like exercises, asanas, and diet that clearly mean, there is no specific exercise or diet that targets the area under the chin. Fortunately, you can now contour, sculpt and reduce your extra fat with our double chin reduction treatment.

Unlike other treatments, our double chin reduction technique is an effective, virtually pain-free, and non-invasive treatment to lessen the appearance of stubborn fat.

As a scientifically proven treatment, our non-surgical technique has revolutionized in melting away the unwanted fat deposits around the neck, ensuring that they won’t come back again. There’s no more injections and anesthesia required to diminish chin fat! Plus, this treatment has worked wonders by providing zero downtime and recovery.

Few of its benefits include:

  • Reshape the contour of the jawline and neck,
  • Removes the stubborn fat,
  • Improve the overall appearance of the face,
  • Ensure a tight and sculpted profile, and more.

Professionally administered by our qualified experts, we can help you create a more sculpted and chiseled neck, side profile and jawline. If you are looking forward to give a defined look to your face, look no where than us!

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