Delivering nothing short of excellence in cupping services ensuring every human is healthy and happy, stress-free and fatigue-free, inside and out.

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13+ years and growing, with 1,00,000+ happy clients.

Halina Cupping has been in this field providing exemplary cupping therapy from the last thirteen years. Everyone who is part of us are professionally trained cupping therapists, leaving not even an inch of space for our quality to get down and maybe that is why our therapy and services have gracefully evolved over the years gaining trust and hope from all customers who walked in to avail cupping.

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What Our Customers Say

This is the place were u can get relaxation , stress-buster and results !! Am very much satisfied & happy with their service !! I recommend all the folks to visit here once for sure because once u visit here you will often addicted to this place by their results !! At last I want to mention about the Doctors !! I.e Dr.Imran sir such a polite and humble person who handles all the clients very perfectly !! Hats of to him 👏 👏 👏 !!! And a big kudos to founder of cupping Therapy i.e Dr.Halina such a polite lady !! Last but not least if u want to get some Transformation then step in to #Halinacuppingclinic (Tnagar) one & only best cupping clinic in Chennai 😎

Mukesh Kumar

Right place for inch reduction.. No side effects.. No medicines.. No diet.. Very hygienic treatment.. Dr. Imran & Dr.Halina magical hands.. They do lot of treatments like inch reduction, Fire cupping for back pain and muscle relief, Feet reflexology cupping, Face cupping treatment for wrinkles free, double chin reduction, dark circle removal, pigmentation removal etc..

Gautam Vimal

One of the best therapy in Chennai more than going for Ayurveda treatment massages I will surely recommended this cupping treatment for all within a short span of time you will get best results ever 😉💪 me and my friend went as is it don't Know anything about this treatment Mr. Imran explained clearly about the treatment and it's uses he too done his best ..please do go friends and get benefits through this therapy..

Subramani Ramachandran

Very good place for cupping therapy. Excellent work done by Dr. Imran .Both Dr. are very friendly. I went there for my back pain , after doing fire cupping i felt complete relief.For the very first time only i got so much relief from my pain.Thanks a lot . I would strongly recommend to all my friends.

Arun Prakash

Few month ago i did hijama treatment it was very good experience and very good result as i expected. thank you for your good treatment. i hope you will be successful in future. Allah will give you baraka.

Kamal AlamChennai

I have been experiencing this hijama for the past 2 years and am still continuing the same. It's so effective if u continue the treatment. It gives energy and Stress free life. Halina is best doctor that I have never seen yet. She gives more tips to maintain a healthy body in a natural way where we don't want to go to medical shop at any cost. Many people are doing this treatment but Halina foundation is the best place for it so I will give 5 star rating for this foundation.

Juliet JoysonChennai

I have got vitiligo in my age of 10 on my hands and legs. After getting hijama, its getting started to reduce now. I hope will continue the treatment to get rid of this. Inshaallah!

Syed Jibarath

Our Services at Halina Cupping Clinic


Dry Cupping

Are you having a tough day at work? Too much of pressure around? Unable to focus on what is vital in life? Or need to unwind


Fire Cupping

Not as scary as how the name sounds. Not at all harmful because the word fire has been mentioned. Trust us; Fire Cupping gives you


Bridal Care Treatment

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moment and it symbolizes a new beginning of two souls.


Face Cupping

We offer four kinds of Face Cupping:

Matte finish
Glossy glow
Face contour


Matte Finish Face Cupping

Beauty and wellness, personified.

Want to make your face look rejuvenated and fresh always? The sit-ins


Glossy Glow Face Cupping

Face sparkles like never before.

Why look at the stars which twinkle, when yourselves can be like a star, with a twinkling


Anti-Aging Face Cupping

Stay young, stay wild.

Have you worried about wrinkles, eye bags, forehead lines, saggy skin, and more age-related skin changes?


Face Contour Cupping

Change the features of your face.

From chubby skin and double chin reduction, extra jawline and cheek bow issue, nose


Foot Cupping

Happy feet.

Foot cupping is the most sought after by sports persons as this easens the ligament movement, increases the stamina and helps


Breast Cupping

In this cupping, our focus area is on three things:


Wet Cupping (Hijama)

One of the oldest and most preserved forms of cupping, Wet Cupping, is what you will need for full body detox and de-stress.


Cellulite Reducing

Did you ever know there are specific cells called fat cells, which do nothing good for your body. Yet they stay within us until


Bum Cupping

Just like breast cupping, our focus areas on Bum Cupping includes:


Contour Cupping

Show some swag and slay with your shapes.

This cupping is all about changing the overall shape of your body. Yes, with our cupping it is


Full Body Smoothening

Day to night, we toil hard exposing skin to various scenarios, and with scorching heat, chances are aplenty our skin would have turned

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Our Specialists

Dr.A.Halina Rajiya
MD, Ph. D (Hijama and Cupping Therapy)
Dr. A. Imran
MD, Ph. D (Hijama and Cupping Therapy)
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