Hair Growth Cycle: Understanding & Solutions for Hair Loss

Have you ever looked at your airbrush and got shocked at the strands of hair left behind? Though hair fall problem is perfectly normal, and it’s not a major concern to panic. Normally, about 80-85% of your hair will be in growing phase while remaining 15% will be in a resting phase, that means this hair doesn’t grow or fall out. In an interval of 2 to 3 months, these resting hairs will shed out and new hair will grow.

Understanding the basics of Hair Growth cycle

You might be surprised to know that around 20% of your hair is dead tissues. Yes, your thinking is correct, conditioner, shampoo and other products have no biological connection. Normally, our hair originates deep within the skin from tiny pockets called as hair follicles. Each follicle should be tethered to a proper mix of hormones, proteins, nutrients, blood vessels, and pigments that stop hair fall issue. There are many reasons why you might experience hair fall problem such as

Hereditary: It is referred as “androgenetic alopecia”. This condition is the most common cause for all hair related problems such as baldness, hair thinning, heavy hair loss problem etc.

Alopecia areata: In this condition, your body attacks its own hair that means you lose hair on your head and also on other parts of the body.

Combing and styling too much: Frequently brushing your hair and high usage of blow dryer, bleach, flat iron, gels, curling iron and dyes will cause hair fall problem.

Medical condition and medications: There are many disorders like anorexia, anemia, thyroid etc that increase the risk of hair breaking or falling. Certain medications like contraceptives, muscle-building steroids, and medicines used to treat arthritis, stress, heart disease etc can also cause hair loss problem.

Deficiency of protein and vitamin A: When your body fails to get enough protein and vitamin A, it results in hair fall issue.

Stress and weight loss: Too much stress and sudden loss of weight can result in falling or breaking of hair.

Menopause and pregnancy: At the time of pregnancy, and menopause, hormonal changes happen resulting in hair thinning and hair fall problem.

Whether its lifestyle changes, ageing or genetics, hair loss issue is a major challenge for many individuals to face. For many years, finding a best solution has been a challenging task. In the quest for perfect hair problem solution, a new trend is emerging in the healthcare market. Known as hair fall treatment, it is truly worth.

Benefits of choosing Hair Fall Treatment

This treatment is a perfect confident booster as it is the best solution for your hair fall problem. It helps to discover the root problem and resolve it. Some of the reasons for choosing this therapy include:

Cost-effectiveness: The affordability of this treatment is the main reason for choosing this hair problem solution.

Non-invasive: This means faster recovery and less downtime.

Safe and long-lasting: This treatment for hair fall issue is highly effective and permanent.

Zero discomfort: Unlike other treatments, this hair loss treatment doesn’t involve any discomfort.

For those who desire world-class therapy without emptying their pocket, Halina Cupping Clinic is a beacon of hope. With groundbreaking technology and accuracy, we also deliver superior level of treatment for hair fall problem, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Post-lockdown: Safety & Hygiene protocol in our Clinic!

Precaution to curb the spread of COVID-19, our government requested all the shops and lifestyle service centers to close the shutters since March, 2020.

With the exception of shopping malls and entertainment outlets where large crowds are likely to congregate, our government has now given permission for other businesses to resume back.

We, at Halina Cupping Clinic has re-opened with enhanced hygienic and safety protocols.

So what kind of changes could you notice on your next visit?

At Halina Cupping Clinic, safety and hygiene will be our top priority. Work station, equipment, towels and all private rooms will be thoroughly and regularly disinfected before and after every service.

Safe distancing measure: Seating within the clinic will be spread out.

Enhanced protection: Therapists and customers will have to sanitize their hands regularly. Temperature screening for both staffs and customers will be done. Magazines and books will be removed from waiting areas to minimize the potential for infection of the customers.

We will continue to uphold our high clinical and sanitation standards and ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

To be secure and avoid crowding, our customers are encouraged to ring ahead or book today!

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