Rejuvenate your Facial Skin with Dermaplanning

Are you longing for smooth, flawless skin? Are you fed up of that baby facial hair that clings after applying makeup, and completely ruining your appearance?

Have you ever wondered how super models and celebrities have radiant, photo ready face – even under ultra HD camera and strong studio lighting?

The answer is very simple – Dermaplanning!!

What is Dermaplanning?

Peach fuzz or facial hair can leave a dull, uneven skin, as it traps debris and oils on the tissues. Once the dead skin ad fuzz is removed, your skin will look healthy and clean. One of the easiest and safest ways of removing unwanted hair is dermaplanning treatment. This is an effective method of exfoliation treatment that is carried out using a sterile scalpel to remove the top layer of dead cells, promoting new cell growth along with eliminating peach fuzz. This leaves the skin with a smother, brighter complexion.

Is Dermaplanning worth the money?

To truly understand the value of dermaplanning and facial, one must consider this treatment as more than just a beauty therapy. For those looking for quality and safe treatments, dermaplanning treatment stands out as a premier choice.

  • Dermaplanning provides a permanent solution to facial hair. Unlike other facial hair removal procedures where hair grows back quickly, this exfoliation procedure reduces the chance of ingrown hair by completely removing the hair from the root.

  • Dermaplanning facial is popular not just among common people but also celebrities and super models, due to its minimal downtime. One can just get back to their day to day duties within 30 minutes once the treatment is over.

  • Though dermaplanning is a safe treatment, it should only be performed by licensed professionals. A skilled professional can safely handle a sharp and sterile surgical bade and gently slides over the skin at a 45 degree angle to eliminate all unwanted fuzzy hair and dead cells, leaving the skin really smooth.

  • Dermaplanning treatment allows skincare products for greater penetration into the skin – meaning clean, smooth skin works much more effectively and creates an even canvas for makeup.

  • Patients with grey, blonde or downy hairs can also undergo dermaplanning. This is the only treatment that removes all unwanted fuzz, leaving a smoother, fresher skin.

If you are looking for a safe, effective peach fuzz removal treatment, consider dermaplanning. This is not just a treatment; it’s a lifestyle enhancement that provides freedom from the daily hassle of unwanted facial hair. Say goodbye to razor and other painful hair removal treatment and hello to dermaplanning treatment and take your first step towards a smoother, glowing skin today.

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