How to overcome Back Pain with Cupping Therapy?

In today’s society, people often get caught with their work, duties and completely forget about their health, leading to a lot of health issues. One of the most common problems in today’s society is back pain. When you have this health problem, you not just feel bad, but also lose your sleep and suffer from other health issues.

How common is Back Pain?

Nearly everyone, especially those in the age group of 35 – 50 will surely experience some sort of back pain in their lifetime. Although this health problem isn’t a life-threatening condition, living with prolonged upper or lower back pain creates a lot of trouble including affects your mood, consumes your energy, and affects your routine life and also your work productivity. Further, it can also stop you from doing things you love: fun activities and games, long walk, cycling, and favorite sports.

What activities causes back pain?

  • Obesity,
  • Lifting heavy weights,
  • Extreme tallness, and
  • Prolonged period of sitting in a peculiar position.

What to avoid when suffering from lower back pain?

  • Nerve pain caused by severe pressure in the sciatic nerve could result in pain in one leg and buttocks,
  • Loss of control in the bladder or bowels,
  • Numbness in inner thigh, buttocks, groin areas, which are preventing people from the feel of a light touch,
  • Leg weakness, pain with coughing, and fever.

Don’t simply rely on medications or jump into surgery, as in most upper and lower back pain cases, non-invasive and painless back pain treatments are more effective than invasive therapies.

How to get rid of this health problem?

Back pain can be successfully tackled by some lifestyle changes and cupping therapy. Cupping therapy is a form of traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine that is in practice for thousands of years to relieve headache, neck pain, thyroid, back pain and other problems. This therapy is performed by applying round suction cups on the sore parts of our body. The cups placed in those areas create a partial vacuum, that draws the layers of muscle and skin into the cup and stimulate blood flow along with easing pain. It is believed that the pressure of these cups aids to break up muscle knots, besides increasing blood circulation and opening up the pores, thus helping to drain off toxins and lactic acid.

In clinical studies, it is proven that patients experience 80% pain reduction after receiving cupping therapy for back pain. Nowadays, this back pain treatment has become more and more popular due to its visible cup marks that we could notice among many professional sports persons who keep undergoing this procedure to improve their performance and to get rid of health related problems like back pain, knee pain etc. Whether you are an athlete or a common person suffering from severe upper or lower back pain, there areatons of benefits you receive from this treatment. Finally, we can say loudly that cupping therapy is probably the type of treatment that is mostly recommended for those suffering from back pain and other health issues.

We hope you have a better knowledge about cupping therapy and how it helps to crack your back pain problem in an effective and safe way. Book today, relieve aches and back pain with our traditional therapy.

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