Neck and Lower Back Pain: How it gets better with Cupping Therapy?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staying home and working have become common – but with that comes a new host of postural and lower back pain issues. Further, from injuries to chronic pain, our back takes a lot of hits over the course of our lifetime, and when pain flares up, it can have an effect on everything from the way we sleep to the ability we perform at work.

If you suffer from neck and lower back pain and it is hampering your ability to get quality sleep, there are many ways you can do to find back and neck pain relief. There are many supplements in the market that act as the best anti-inflammatory and help you to relax. Further, you can also try regular exercises, intake proper dietary, undergo cupping therapy and more to keep your joints and spine in good shape. Read on below and get some useful tips on how to get back and neck pain relief for better living.

What are the causes?

Even in today’s techie world, the exact cause of neck and backache is hard to find. Some of the causes include:

  • Poor sleeping posture,
  • Sprain or strain,
  • Improper lifting of heavy objects,
  • Joint problems like arthritis,
  • Abnormal growth, like bone spur or tumor,
  • A fractured or collapsed vertebra, which can be associated with osteoporosis,
  • Pinched nerve and slipped disc and many.

If you want to get rid of lower back pain issues, surgery is not the only answer. Surgeries are mostly recommended for a herniated disk or severe spinal stenosis. Recent research recommends trying exercises and some soft treatments like cupping therapy can relieve pain.

Exercises – Give instant back and neck pain relief:

If chronic neck and back pain is not agonizing and not caused by trauma, it can be typically treated at home. Here are a few measures you can take for quick neck pain relief.

Short period of rest: Strenuous activities and movements that worsen pain have to be avoided for a few days, so that the neck and back area will be prevented from becoming weaker and stiffer.

An ice or hot pack: Applying ice pack will help reduce swelling and lower back pain. While applying hot pack will help relax muscles and bring proper flow of blood and nutrients to the affected areas.

Gentle stretches: Some forms of neck pain and backache are improved with a range of motion stretching exercises.

Exercises can make the body tight, sore and ease its general functions. To remove aches and pains and prevent injuries, it’s time to try cupping therapy.

Non-surgical treatment:

Although neck and lower back pain can be quite painful and debilitating, cupping, a non-surgical and safe treatment can help to alleviate such health issues.

Whether your back and neck pain is caused by injury, lifting heavy weights or stress, cupping therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation, soothe muscle tension and spasms and promote relaxation. Regular sessions of hijama cupping will promote oxygen-rich blood flow, enhance a range of motion and break down scar tissues.


Neck and lower back pain can interfere with an individual’s life, causing distress and discomfort. Try cupping treatment and address chronic pain within a short span of time. To book an appointment or further enquiry, contact Halina Cupping Clinic today.

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