Looking for Natural Remedies for Migraine? Cupping Therapy can be the answer

If you are among one of the unfortunate millions to suffer from migraine, you will just understand how inconvenient and uncomfortable the problem will be, especially when you are spending time with your loved ones, about to work and busy in your routine schedule.

In this article, we will be uncovering the key causes of migraine and how cupping therapy, one of the best natural, chemical-free migraine treatments helps to completely ease discomfort and pain.

What is tension headache?

Migraine is a neurological disorder that begins as a dull ache and spread around the skull region, causing a feeling of pressure and discomfort, especially on the neck, back and one side of the forehead.

What are its causes?

The cause of migraines is complicated and not completely understood. When you experience a tension headache, it’s because one of your nerves send pain signal to your brain, thus releasing inflammatory substances into your blood vessels and nerves in your head. It’s completely unclear why your nerves function like that.

What triggers a tension headache?

A variety of factors can commonly trigger migraine. There are

  • Sensitivity to specific preservatives in foods and chemicals,
  • Skipping a meal, dieting or drinking less water,
  • Intake of caffeine,
  • Emotional stress,
  • Exposure to flash lights, fluorescent lights, sunlight and light from mobile, computer and TV,
  • Hormonal changes in women,

Other possible factors that trigger tension headache include

  • Day-to-day stress,
  • Poor prolonged sitting posture,
  • Lifestyle changes like poor diet, lack of sleep etc,
  • Changing weather conditions,
  • Extreme sensitivity to sound and light,
  • Exposure to perfumes, smoke, or other odors.

What cupping therapy does to prevent and ease migraine?

Tension headache is considered as a leading cause of disability, and contributes severe pain. When you begin to feel the pain around the skull that heralds the beginning of a migraine, then it is crucial to look for preventive treatments, instead of looking for a packet of chemical-filled painkillers that have a lot of side effects like sleep disturbance, weight gain, gastrointestinal intolerance and fatigue. However, these drugs will only treat the symptoms of a migraine and continuous intake of these drugs will result in an increase in the occurrence of migraine.

In contrast, cupping therapy can offer a natural, long-lasting solution which fights the discomfort and pain created by a tension headache. The goals of cupping therapy are to relieve the migraine pain (short-term effect) and the prevention of future attacks (long-term effect). This is achieved by gently applying pressure on the neck and back and instantly releasing built-up tension in these regions, thus providing fast relief from a migraine. Cupping therapy does not provide any side effects, so more and more people have decided to choose this treatment and be rest assured that there will be no involvement of adverse drugs in their current migraine treatments.

After discovering the cause and cure for your migraine problem, you might have come to a conclusion how cupping therapy at Halina cupping clinic could offer you a pathway to a healthy, happy and peaceful living. Contact us now for appointment and other related queries.

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