How to Treat Varicose Veins without Surgery? Everything you need to know

Tired of hiding your legs due to unappealing varicose veins and spider veins? These itchy, swollen, unsightly, enlarged and painful veins are a common medical condition that affects 1 in 5 adults worldwide. Commonly, this condition is found on the feet, ankles or legs in purple or blue color.

Many people believe that varicose veins or spider veins are something that needs surgery; however that isn’t the case anymore. Over the last decade, medical technology has advanced tremendously and now there are a huge number of varicose pain relief treatments that needs no anaesthesia, surgery or injections.

Why do Varicose Veins appear?

Varicose veins occur when the small valves inside the veins stop functioning properly. In a healthy vein, blood flows properly to the heart with the help of tiny valves in the veins. When these valves get damaged or weaken, the blood can reverse its flow (that means it can flow backwards), leading to accumulation of blood level in the veins and eventually causing it to enlarge and bulge.

In non-medical terms, these veins occur for a lot of reasons that include obesity, running, aging, prolonged hours of standing, pregnancy, weight training, high impact aerobic exercise and genetics.

Some signs and symptoms

Some of the common symptoms include the following:

  • Cramping or leg pain when walking,
  • Dark patches or change in skin color around the veins,
  • Tightness, itchiness, burning and swelling in the ankle or leg region,
  • Open sores around one or more of the veins.

Conventional treatment for Varicose Veins

Injections and laser treatments are conventional varicose pain relief procedures that most professionals practice to remove these discomfort marks on your skin. These veins relief treatments provide pain and recovery time is also quite little.

Is Cupping Therapy a good alternative

Cupping therapy is considered as more safer and efficient varicose pain relief procedure than conventional treatments. The practitioners utilize specialized silicon or glass-like plastic cups for the therapy session. The cups cause pressure on the skin around the varicose veins, drawing fresh blood and oxygen into the affected area. When done with hijama for varicose veins, you will notice light colored veins and also reduced swelling within few sessions. This revolutionary varicose pain relief procedure virtually offers less bruising, no scars and a quicker recovery. Both wet and dry cupping are commonly practiced to treat this problem.

Dry cupping is a straightforward varicose pain relief treatment that involves placing suction cups on the targeted points in the body, causing more flow of blood and oxygen to that area. This enhances the overall circulation of the specific area.

On the other hand, wet varicose pain relief therapy uses sterile instrument to puncture the skin, before placing the cups on the particular area. This effectively draws out deoxygenated, old blood and releases excess toxins and fluids from the area as well. Wet hijama for varicose veins is usually carried out for more acute cases.

Get ready to expose your legs confidently with the aid of hijama for varicose veins. No surgical procedures or injections can hide your veins, so why not try cupping therapy to fade away this problem.

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