How Cupping Therapy alleviate Arthritis?

Pain, stiffness and swelling in a joint are used to describe the word ‘arthritis’. It is a painful disorder that interferes with the overall quality of life and probably makes you unable to enjoy an active lifestyle in doing day-to-day activities.

In the recent survey, arthritis is estimated to have been affected around 50% of the population, including all ages, but you don’t have to live with the problem as cupping therapy treats all types of this disorder, from mild to severe cases, helping to restore mobility and alleviate arthritis symptoms. While the specific cause is still not found, many things can trigger it including autoimmune disease, infection, inflammation, injuries, or repetitive movements. 

Some of its common types

Arthritis doesn’t just affect the tissues and joints, some types of this disorder affect the internal organs and immune system. There are many types and depending on the type that you have, the pain, joint, and arthritis symptoms will vary.

Some of the most common types are listed below 

Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when the immune system doesn’t work properly and keep attacking the joint and tissue linings, causing damage and inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis commonly affects the elbows, hands, shoulders, knees, wrists, circulatory system, eyes, and feet. 


Osteoarthritis occurs as an effect of wear and tear of the joints that is caused by aging, stresses, obesity, or other injuries. This is the most common type of arthritis and often affects the weight-bearing joints such as knees, ankle, foot, spine and hips. 

Ankylosing spondylitis:

This type of condition causes severe inflammation in the spinal cord. The spinal vertebrae become fused thus reducing its flexibility and creating a hunched over posture. This makes difficult for the people to breathe when it affects the ribs. Few of such arthritis symptoms include redness, stiffness and swelling. This type of disorder causes pain in hip joints, neck, lower back and shoulder. 

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis:

This type of disorder is often referred to as chronic childhood arthritis and affects around 40% of children below 18 years. This condition is due to underdeveloped immune system but the exact cause is still unknown. Most children affected by chronic childhood arthritis will experience swelling, fatigue, stiffness and extreme pain in joint area. 

Benefits of taking Cupping Therapy for Arthritis

Some of the benefits of cupping therapy include:

  • Manage pain and ease arthritis symptoms,
  • Increase serotonin level that helps to boost your mood, 
  • Improve blood flow and alleviate stress levels, 
  • Helps to relax the body and reduce blood pressure, 
  • Releases endorphins and calm the nervous system. 

In a research study, children who are diagnosed with chronic childhood arthritis are also benefitted from reduced pain, anxiety and stress by undergoing cupping therapy

Cupping therapy works best for any type of arthritis disorder. When you begin your cupping session, you should have a detailed consultation about your issues and requirements. Contact us for appointment today.

Post-lockdown: Safety & Hygiene protocol in our Clinic!

Precaution to curb the spread of COVID-19, our government requested all the shops and lifestyle service centers to close the shutters since March, 2020.

With the exception of shopping malls and entertainment outlets where large crowds are likely to congregate, our government has now given permission for other businesses to resume back.

We, at Halina Cupping Clinic has re-opened with enhanced hygienic and safety protocols.

So what kind of changes could you notice on your next visit?

At Halina Cupping Clinic, safety and hygiene will be our top priority. Work station, equipment, towels and all private rooms will be thoroughly and regularly disinfected before and after every service.

Safe distancing measure: Seating within the clinic will be spread out.

Enhanced protection: Therapists and customers will have to sanitize their hands regularly. Temperature screening for both staffs and customers will be done. Magazines and books will be removed from waiting areas to minimize the potential for infection of the customers.

We will continue to uphold our high clinical and sanitation standards and ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

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