Does Cupping Therapy bring Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

In this fast-paced world, there is little time for rejuvenation and rest. Even if we find the time to take physical rest, we are mentally distracted by digital gadgets like laptops, smartphones etc. All of this can lead to CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). This disorder is far more than just being tired. It is characterized by severe fatigue, sleep abnormalities, musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, headaches, sore throat and loss of concentration.

If you are suffering from CFS symptoms, any doctor will recommend Cupping Therapy as it helps to recover quickly and improve your stamina and vitality. Furthermore, its main purpose is to promote muscle and nerve relaxation and soothe the body, especially if you are in pain or under stress as prolonged stress can increase the severity of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Causes of CFS

The exact cause of CFS is still unknown. There are many factors that contribute to this chronic fatigue disorder such as:

  • Abnormal pain processing,
  • Certain infectious disease,
  • Immunological and endocrine abnormalities,
  • Autonomic nervous system dysfunction,
  • Hormonal imbalance,
  • Abnormalities in energy production,
  • Stress and more.

How Cupping therapy can relieve CFS

Cupping therapy is an ancient procedure that originated in China thousand years before. Its aim goal is to restore and maintain good health, increase energy level, enhance physical and mental health. Due to its enormous benefits, it started to play a vital role in today’s healthcare market also. This treatment takes a holistic approach to human wellness and considers illness as a result of imbalance in the internal body.

According to a theory, there is an energy flow called ‘Qi‘ in the body. If the flow of Qi is blocked or disrupted, it could lead to various diseases. But, the suction cups used during cupping therapy is claimed to remove any blockage and restore the flow of energy, thus promoting wellness and overall health.

There are many symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome including back pain, shoulder pain, muscle stiffness and headaches. All of these symptoms can increase stress in your everyday life, but not everyone undergo the pain in the same way. Soaking in a bathtub or some stretching exercises can bring relief but only for some time. The only best option for such fatigue disorder is cupping therapy. As a natural form of healing procedure, this treatment holds countless benefits and provides a very relaxing and relieving experience by releasing stress and strain from your body.

Apart from healing chronic fatigue symptoms, other benefits of cupping therapy include the release of pent up tension in the muscle, improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, promote cell repair, create new blood vessels in the tissue and form new connective tissues.

Do you or your loved one suffer from a feeling of being tired, regardless of how much time you sleep? And do you have other chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms? Cupping therapy is proven to relief such health disorders effectively. For more information about how this treatment can help relieve CFS symptoms, talk to our experienced therapist via phone or chat online. You can also stop by our location or schedule your appointment today.

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