How to Deal with Milia: Understanding Causes & Effective Treatments

There are chances you find those tiny white bumps on face, which can crop up especially under the eyes. Perhaps you weren’t aware of these skin condition or maybe it drives you nuts currently. But before you choose to pop those milia on face, here’s what exactly those tiny white bumps are, what you can do, etc.

Milia is the technical term used to refer small, hard spots or white bumps on skin. The bumps usually resemble tiny cysts filled with protein called keratin and are caused by the development of dead skin cells. Milia is mostly found on the surface of the facial skin like eyelids, chin, cheeks, mouth and nose. It’s new born babies and infants get affected mostly from milia than adults.

What causes Milia?

The skin’s inability to exfoliate naturally leads to the development of milia on face and other facial areas. This allows dead skin cells causing damage to the skin. As a result, keratin, the protein found in nails, hair and skin get trapped under the skin’s surface. This in turn results in a noticeable cyst like white bumps on face.

Individuals whose skin’s natural ability to cleanse properly and shed dead cells is weakened can lead to milia.

Some of the common reasons include:

  • Too much exposure to UV rays,
  • Skin damage resulting from injury or rash,
  • Excessive use of steroid medications,
  • Natural aging,
  • An autoimmune condition,
  • Burns to the skin, and
  • Genetics.

Though milia is completely benign, it takes a long time to disappear naturally.

When to seek Milia Treatment?

How confidently you present yourself has a direct impact on how you feel on the inside. That’s why everyone probably want to get rid of milia. Though this skin problem is harmless and non-contagious, it’s unusual and unsightly appearance makes every individual to look for milia treatment.

In some cases, white bumps on face and other skin areas disappear on its own accord. However, if those tiny cysts shows no signs of leaving, then it is better to seek the best milia treatment.

How to get rid of Milia?

Similar to pimples, milia should not be popped as it leads to infections and scarring. The best and effective milia treatment to get rid of this skin problem is micro-needling. With no heat, injections and time off work, micro-needling uses small needles, making it a safe and powerful procedure on all skin types and helps to treat an array of skin conditions like sun damage, white bumps on face, fine lines, age spots, stretch marks, scars, signs of aging and many.

Micro-needling activate the skin’s own renewal and repair response by piercing the dermal layer of the skin. This helps our body to respond naturally to repair the physical damage, without causing pain, discomfort and side effects. As a result, micro-needling is considered as a safe, comfortable and effective milia treatment to cure those white bumps.

In today’s modern world, saying goodbye to those tiny white bumps on face is easy with our treatment. Our milia treatment not just remove milia but also helps to restore your young-looking, smoother skin. Call us today to help you feel great about your skin again.

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