Cupping Therapy – The Best Treatment to reduce Stress and early Miscarriage related Risks

Pregnancy, a memorable journey filled with dreams and anticipation, can also be a time of anxiety and immerse stress for some couple. Though stress is something everyone experiences during pregnancy, most of the people are unaware that stress takes a toll on overall health.

Though proper stress management is crucial for everyone, managing stress is very essential for those who want to carry a healthy baby and who are trying to conceive. Cupping therapy offers the best connection in balancing pregnancy outcomes and emotional well-being.

Does severe stress cause early miscarriage?

Chronic and severe stress can contribute to high risk of early miscarriage. Stress has a huge number of adverse effects on the body. It can affect blood flow, immune function, hormonal balance and ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that high level of stress causes high risk of early miscarriage so stress relief treatment is very important for everyone.

How can Stress cause early Miscarriage

  1. Chronic stress is known to generate internal heat thus affecting the ability to conceive. Excessive internal heat can lead to irritation and inflammation in the uterus which have an effect on overall body function and create an optimal environment in the uterus for implantation and successful embryo development.
  2. When a person experiences a chronic stress, it can lead to disruption and free flow of ‘blood’ and ‘Qi’ thus causing stagnation. Stagnation can create hormonal imbalance leading to disharmony. Some of its symptoms include painful periods, dark clots in menstrual blood and irregular periods. Stress relief is very crucial as long-term chronic stagnation caused by stress can create negative impact on the egg quality during ovulation. The ovaries rely on steady flow of blood and Qi to develop healthy eggs. During stagnation, the eggs may not receive proper nourishment thus leading to compromised egg quality. This results in the reduction of successful fertilization and healthy embryo development.

Solution for Stress Relief and early Miscarriage

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine offer various treatments for stress relief and to increase the chances of healthy pregnancy. Some examples include:

Cupping Therapy: Research has shown that cupping treatment offers many potential benefits for stress relief and fertility. It is clearly found that cupping therapy helps the body to relax and reduce stress. This, in turn, helps in managing stress and increases the chances on fertility.

Cupping therapy helps to reduce inflammatory stress markers like adrenocorticotropic and cortisol hormone levels by balancing the endocrine system. For early miscarriage, cupping therapy is proven to improve implantation capability by maintaining hormonal level, overall health, and increasing blood flow to the uterus.

Consulting a cupping therapy professional can help identify the causes of stress and develop a personalized miscarriage treatment plan. The professionals also emphasize the importance of a balanced diet. Eating nourishing, healthy foods and avoiding cold, sugary and raw foods will help to maintain Qi balance.

For those who are trying to conceive and want to learn more about the connection between stress and early miscarriage, speak with our professionals and clear all your doubts.

Post-lockdown: Safety & Hygiene protocol in our Clinic!

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