Cupping Therapy – Effective and Painless Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Dust off your favorite sun dresses or mini dresses and regain confidence in your own skin.

Stretch marks are tears in the dermis that happen when the body stretches or shrinks vigorously. It looks like discolored, long, narrow stripes, or scar-like lines on the skin. Over half of world’s population gets affected by stretch marks and it commonly tends to affect more women than men.

The tear in the dermis causes damage and loss of blood vessels, collagen and elastin, and pigment producing cells in the affected areas. Additionally, it also leads to wrinkle formation and uneven skin tone.

Stretch marks commonly appear on areas including:

  • Thighs,
  • Lower back,
  • Hips,
  • Upper arms,
  • Buttocks,
  • Breasts, and
  • Stretch marks on stomach.

Teenage growth spurts, rapid weight loss and gain, pregnancy can all contribute to the growth of these pinkish lines. These stripy areas create a major impact on the self-consciousness and allow us to hide our stomach, legs, arms and other affected body parts.

Even though stretch marks are not harmful, they tend to affect one’s mental health, thus making us experience anxiety, depression and stress. It’s time to put an end to your self-consciousness and do something for this skin problem once and for all with the help of effective stretch mark removal treatments.

How to prevent Stretch Marks?

Some of the preventive measures include:

  • Avoid steroid medications,
  • Avoid junk foods and other oily foods that produce excessive weight gain,
  • Regularly moisturize the skin,
  • Maintain a well-balanced healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, and drink enough water,
  • Exercise regularly.

Effective Stretch mark removal treatments

In common, treating these stripy lines is difficult. Most of the stretch mark removal treatment tends to diminish its appearance, but can’t remove it completely. Addressing this skin problem in its initial stage yields the best result. Older and deep stretch marks are quite challenging to treat.

Micro-needling: In this procedure, the healthcare professional pokes the skin with tiny needles. These tiny punctures help in the growth of new elastin and collagen, thus creating a firmer skin. Discoloration, swelling, irritation, and flaky skin are few of its side effects.

Cupping therapy: Cupping therapy is a non-invasive, quick and pain-free answer to stretch marks. This process aids to eliminate the layers of the affected area very precisely, thus stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastin fiber. This stretch mark removal procedure helps in the enhancement of the skin contour and tightness of the affected area, resulting in a smoother skin. Additionally, the irregular epidermal pigmentation is also removed and the dermal collagen is tightened and smoothened.

Few of its benefits include:

  • Safe on all skin types,
  • Enhanced skin appearance,
  • 70 to 80% reduction in stretch marks within few sessions.

Why Halina Cupping Clinic to remove stretch marks?

Halina Cupping Clinic has the latest and more advanced technology in stretch mark removal with minimal side effects and zero downtime. Schedule an appointment with our office so that our experienced professionals can suggest the best suited stretch marks treatment options.

Post-lockdown: Safety & Hygiene protocol in our Clinic!

Precaution to curb the spread of COVID-19, our government requested all the shops and lifestyle service centers to close the shutters since March, 2020.

With the exception of shopping malls and entertainment outlets where large crowds are likely to congregate, our government has now given permission for other businesses to resume back.

We, at Halina Cupping Clinic has re-opened with enhanced hygienic and safety protocols.

So what kind of changes could you notice on your next visit?

At Halina Cupping Clinic, safety and hygiene will be our top priority. Work station, equipment, towels and all private rooms will be thoroughly and regularly disinfected before and after every service.

Safe distancing measure: Seating within the clinic will be spread out.

Enhanced protection: Therapists and customers will have to sanitize their hands regularly. Temperature screening for both staffs and customers will be done. Magazines and books will be removed from waiting areas to minimize the potential for infection of the customers.

We will continue to uphold our high clinical and sanitation standards and ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

To be secure and avoid crowding, our customers are encouraged to ring ahead or book today!

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