Cupping Therapy to treat common Sports Injuries

Sports people not just make money and network across the world; they also enjoy many health related benefits. For instance, sports help to reduce stress, improve your sleep, develop your mental health and improve your immunity. Despite all these benefits, one challenge that sports person can’t avoid is sports injury. It ensues when a part of the body is torn, sprained, strained etc. As you could expect, these common sports injuries come with pain. That is why, sports people are always in search of treatments that can help them to accelerate the healing process, recover from sports injury, and restore them to full functioning.

Cupping therapy for treating sports injury is one of the lesser known, yet highly effective techniques used to treat a wide range of common sports injuries. This hijama therapy promises to provide quick recovery and instant relief for those suffering from sports injury.

Why try Cupping Therapy?

Cupping treatment is an ancient technique that provides en number of benefits. Today, it is becoming more and more popular among many musculoskeletal focused physicians. Hijama therapy can be done through 3 methods – first is dry cupping, second is fire cupping and third one is wet cupping. In all the 3 methods, there is a use of sterile cups and maintain all sterility measures.

In Dry Cupping therapy, sterilized plastic or glass cups are placed on different parts of the body to create a vacuum. This pressure results in the decompression of soft tissues and it helps to stretch the fascia and muscles leading to an increased blood circulation. Then there is fire cupping therapy in which glass cups and flames are used to create suction over the tensed and tight muscles. This treatment is helpful in treating sports injury, improve ROM, faster healing and pain relief.

Wet cupping, also known as hijama therapy is different from dry and fire cupping. In wet cupping, there is a use of sterile disposable cups, surgical blades and other tools. Using the surgical blades, small cuts are done over the skin and the cups are placed again to create a vacuum thus leading to suction of bad blood.

Cupping therapy creates a positive effect on the removal of oxidant from the blood, triggers the nervous system, reduce hair loss, stimulate the immune system and heal sports injury. Additionally, this traditional healing method delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to bones and hard-worked muscles of the body.

Cupping therapy is beneficial

  • Removing toxins,
  • Alleviating inflammation,
  • Inhibiting the transmission of pain signals in the spinal cord,
  • Stretching connective and fascia tissues and relieving sports injury,
  • Creating new blood vessels,
  • Stimulating micro trauma,
  • Releasing the pain-relieving chemicals in the body and more.

Final thoughts

It is proven that hijama therapy is a potent sports injury treatment. Are you a sportsperson or an athlete who always experience common sports injuries or pain while performing? If so, you should try cupping therapy and reach to the pinnacle of your career.

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