Cupping Therapy – When should you give a Try?

The word ‘cupping’ may sound “trendy” right now, but it is certainly not trendy. This health care treatment is been in use for probably around 5,000 years. In this article, let’s talk about what actually cupping is? Though the word looks strange and painful, it’s something of a controversial quality medical care practice, despite the fact that it isn’t dangerous. It is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that is used to cure pain and a variety of other maladies without the patient feeling any sort of pain. It is a method where the therapist places special cups on the skin to create suction that draws blood flow to that particular area, thus relieving muscle tension, promoting cell repair and improving blood flow.

When do People need Cupping?

If you have pain in your body or have any issues in digestion, skin, relaxing certain muscles, to boost immune system, to increase blood flow etc, we at Hijama clinic suggests cupping therapy might be worth a shot. This kind of treatment is of low risk, so one who takes up experience minimal downside. Furthermore, this health care therapy doesn’t require any physician’s referral. But, the actual number of sessions completely depends on the individual’s case. For example, in some cases, it might take just one or two sessions for the individual to get back to normal condition, but in others, it could take more than five sessions. It all depends on the individual’s condition, how chronic the condition is and how strong the person is. Adding to this, we at Hijama medical care clinic recommend every individual to take up the therapy soon since “sooner we start the treatment, faster could be the recovery period”.

Here are some of the pros

Cupping therapy is cited as a form of best pain relief. The way the cup sucks out the skin’s tissue tends to reduce pain, and ease stiffness and aches. From facial paralysis to acne and even to boost immune system, cupping can effectively treat these problems because it helps in increasing blood flow to and around the body. Nevertheless, one can’t stop looking into cupping without discovering how much beneficial is this therapy in treating problems that are hard to cure. Best example is migraine. In this case, not every individual reacts well to medications. However said, this medical care service is the best remedy for migraines.

Some of the cons include

Not all of the cons apply to every individual. The majority of individuals who try this treatment won’t experience any kind of pain. But, keep in mind that there is a chance of experiencing a burning sensation or a burn on the applied area. This may or may not be painful depending on the individual. And cups should never be applied on broken bones, ruptured tendons, injuries and fractures.

In the above discussion about the pros and cons, you will definitely notice that the pros outweigh the cons. All these benefits and downsides of cupping are subjective, so there is no guarantee that one will experience all or any of the above said. A friend of yours may recommend this health care service because he or she had an excellent result, but that doesn’t mean you will experience the same. In the end, the decision to give a go is yours. But one thing is for sure, cupping is definitely the best remedy. So, pay your visit today at our the Chennai’s best Hijama clinic – Halina Cupping Therapy.

Post-lockdown: Safety & Hygiene protocol in our Clinic!

Precaution to curb the spread of COVID-19, our government requested all the shops and lifestyle service centers to close the shutters since March, 2020.

With the exception of shopping malls and entertainment outlets where large crowds are likely to congregate, our government has now given permission for other businesses to resume back.

We, at Halina Cupping Clinic has re-opened with enhanced hygienic and safety protocols.

So what kind of changes could you notice on your next visit?

At Halina Cupping Clinic, safety and hygiene will be our top priority. Work station, equipment, towels and all private rooms will be thoroughly and regularly disinfected before and after every service.

Safe distancing measure: Seating within the clinic will be spread out.

Enhanced protection: Therapists and customers will have to sanitize their hands regularly. Temperature screening for both staffs and customers will be done. Magazines and books will be removed from waiting areas to minimize the potential for infection of the customers.

We will continue to uphold our high clinical and sanitation standards and ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

To be secure and avoid crowding, our customers are encouraged to ring ahead or book today!

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