Oil cupping is a form of gliding cupping or moving cupping. In this form of healing, oil is applied to the skin before creating suction and once the vacuum is created the cup is gently moved over the skin so as to provide a form of inverse therapy.This is a types of lubricants are well suited for cupping massage It's very common for cupping therapy to be used along with massage therapy & essential oils. It helps to recover from injuries, muscle ache and muscle augmented and also provides much needed relief from mental stress.

Benifits of Oil Cupping

This technique is popularly used for weight loss and cellulite reduction. Doctors or individuals, in today’s times might also use rubber or medical-grade silicone cups to provide this therapy because these materials are softer and more flexible for moving.The skin is more supple and collagen formation is improved. Further any impurities are moved to the lymphatic system and later expelled from the body. Any lines and scars on the face or body are also plumped up, reducing their ungainly appearance.And the other forms of cupping, there are never any treatment marks on the skin.

The therapy designed to improve the appearance of skin and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, scarring, sagging skin and double chins. Symptoms of rosacea and acne are also removed and it works to alleviate headaches and earaches. Patients suffering from sinus problems, allergies and paralysis resulting from Parkinsons’ disease or a stroke have also reported improvement. Facial cupping can help to provide relief in conditions where there is stiffness of the Temporal Joints or the joints that help in the movement of bone.

The Process of Oil Cupping

This cupping therapy use special glass cups that are particularly designed for use on the body. These cups are attached to oil create suction on the skin. The skin is first prepared with the application of organic herbal oils or healing creams. Once a light suction is created, the cup is moved over the face, neck, shoulders and all over the body. This movement stimulates the flow of blood to the skin that is flushed with oxygen and essential nutrients. These factors serve to repair and nurture the skin giving it a more glowing and youthful appearance.

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